We manufacture a large variety of trapezoidal nuts according to the DIN-105 thread standard with 7H tolerance: standard models such as cylindrical, hexagonal, combinations of steel body and bronze tips, with flanges in different models, squared, etc. We have a large stock for immediate delivery from Tr 12×3 to Tr 70×10.

Models of special nuts according to plan or samples, for either a single unit or prototype or a small or large series.

Any of these models can be manufactured in a wide range of materials such as steel, bronze in different qualities according to the requirement of the application, stainless steel in different qualities, brass and different types of plastics such as nylon, PVC, Delrin, etc.

We are suppliers to leading companies in different sectors: construction of machinery for wood, machinery for deformation, food industry, packaging, agricultural industry, naval sector, machinery for civil works… and for the main industrial suppliers of transmissions at a national level and generally to any company that needs to transmit a movement adapted to their special needs.


Standard nuts

We always maintain a large stock of all the standard models we have in the catalogue to enable immediate delivery from Tr 12×3 to Tr 70×10 both in right and left threads.

Also regarding standard nuts, we can apply any required modifications to them to adapt them to the specific needs of each application.

  • CS-type bronze tips
  • “EFM” series bronze flange nuts
  • “TEUR”-type combined nuts
  •  “BFM” series bronze flange nuts
  •  “TCB” and “LRM” series cylindrical bronze nuts
  •  “KSM”-type cylindrical steel nuts
  •  “SKM”-type hexagonal steel nuts



Special nuts

Our Technical Department is available to you to manufacture the special nut that most adapts to your production needs, developing the prototype jointly with you and, once the final model has been decided upon, offering the best value for money for the production volume you need.



Special transmission parts

We can manufacture any part that is involved in the transmission of movement, whether starting from standard materials such as pinions, grooved axels, drums, toothed pulleys, module pinions, shafts, endless screws and adapting them to your specific needs, or develop other completely special ones.