The PROCEYS deposits for hydraulic groups are manufactured with materials of the utmost quality, using DD11-FEP11-type stripped caps, enabling easy deformation in a fold, avoiding cracking during the distinct shaping processes.?All our standard deposits come with an exterior and interior surface finish in paint heated at 200º and quality Epoxy-Polyester of 80 microns thickness in black RAL-9005. This process guarantees it possesses excellent resistance to corrosion and mineral oils.


The deposits can be delivered:
  • –       Painted in the colour to order
  • –       Unpainted
  • –       Sandblasted
  • –       With priming resistant to mineral oils
  • –       …


We undertake all the modifications or adaptations that our clients request:
  • –       Mechanisation of the upper cover according to your plan, design or needs
  • –       Welding of supports for accumulators or refrigerators
  • –       Insertion of registry covers
  • –       Mechanisation of drills of different levels
  • –       …


The manufacturing dimensions and measurements have a tolerance of + / – 1% regarding the measurements indicated in this catalogue.


Standard deposits

We have a large stock of standard PROCEYS deposits, from 16 litres to 750 litres painted in RAL-9005 black. Always ready for immediate delivery. For any modification, please check with us.


Special deposits

We can manufacture any type of special deposit, from 1 unit or prototypes to a small or large series, adapting to the specifications of our clients.?We work with leading companies in different sectors such as agricultural, naval, aeronautic, renewable energies, environment, machinery and tools …


Accessories for deposits

We manufacture any type of connector or special piece for hydraulic machinery at really competitive prices in our turning section: separators, hosing, aspiration tubes, special pump connectors, manometer connectors, engine strips, joints… ?We can supply all the accessories to equip the deposits: diverse oil levels, filling tops, different types of joints, silemblocks, registry covers, bells, couplings, etc.